ImplantsImplant overdentures can involve as few as two implants or as many as six, and even more. These titanium implants are surgically placed into the jaw bone. A small attachment protrudes just above the gum. Dentures or partials can then be attached to these implants. These provide excellent retention and can be removed by hand for cleaning. Common shapes of these implant attachments above the gum may look like a small little ball or button. These are then clicked on by a “o” ring made of nylon or rubber. Clips are another common attachment.

The cost can be very expensive, however the result outperforms traditional treatments. Implant dentistry is the technology of the day and is more popular than ever before. Many people expect dentures to fit as well as natural teeth, however because dentures are not rooted in, they cannot possibly remain seated against the forces during mastication. If people have this expectation the only possible way science has discovered to deliver the result are with implants.