My teeth are a problem, should I get them all pulled out and wear dentures?
You should only have to pull out your teeth if they are infected, if you have periodontal disease, or if your teeth are extremely mobile. Even the poorest of teeth are better than dentures. An appointment with a dentist will help you determine what is best. Remember, once they are gone, they are gone.

I have never had dentures and my teeth need to come out, what should I do?
If your teeth need to come out and you are getting dentures, you first need to ask yourself if you can go without any teeth for a length of time while your new denture is being made. Dentures can be made and inserted immediately once your teeth get pulled, however, it is best if you can wait until your gums heal so that we can take the necessary steps to obtain a proper fit for your new dentures.

What is the difference between a bridge and a partial?

A bridge is a permanent dental restoration that is used to fill a space adjacent to teeth. It is not removable.
A partial is a removable dental appliance used to replace several teeth that are missing.

What is a flipper?

A flipper is interim acrylic partial used as a temporary replacement for 1 or 2 missing teeth.

Should I take out my dentures at night, before I go to bed?
It is best to take out both upper and lower dentures before going to bed because it allows your oral tissue to breathe and rejuvenate. However, some people need to have the upper denture in their mouth to breathe proper while they sleep (mouth breathers). In this case, it is best to at least take the bottom denture out.

How do I clean my dentures?
There are 2 things that need to be done:
A) Brushing your dentures with non-invasive dish soap, polident paste, or fresh cleanse. Regular toothpaste is not recommended for brushing your dentures because it contains abrasive materials that can affect the finish on your denture teeth.
B) Stain prevention. You can soak your dentures in Renew, Stain Away, or Kleenite products.

How often should dentures be replaced?
Approximately every 5-6 years. Everyone is different and there could be a number of factors that can affect the fit of your dentures such as softening of the gum, a painful/irritated gum, more laborious chewing, headaches, ear aches, neck pain, joint problems, crumpled mouth, prematurely old face, accelerated resorption of the gums, certain health factors, weight loss, or cold sores on the corner of the mouth.

When should I reline my dentures?
Approximately every 2 years. When excess food gets underneath your dentures or when an unusual number of sores start appearing in your mouth are indications that you may need a reline.