Knowing when to see a denturist or dentist

Denturists specialize in the manufacture of denture prosthetics; meaning if you are missing some or all of your real teeth, a removable denture or partial is what you may need. These are removable prosthetics that are taken out at bedtime and worn during the day.

Dentures, removable partial dentures, or denture over implants help restore a patient’s facial features, their smile, and chewing ability. Dentures and partials can greatly improve one’s appearance cosmetically while providing necessary chewing functions.

Dentists primarily provide dental care on your real teeth, although some do provide prosthetic services as well. Patients that require fillings, cleaning, and restoration on their real teeth need to see a dentist. They can provide permanent fixtures that are not removable.

Patients commonly confuse bridges with removable partials. Bridges are like crowns that are cemented to adjacent teeth to fill a gap. Removable partial dentures provide an alternate and are removable. They typically are a more economical solution. Crowns and veneers are made of materials that are permanently cemented onto the surface of real teeth either for protection or cosmetic purposes.